A wealth of experience engrained in businesses.
In the UK and US.

Creating high energy

Building highly productive teams.
Through perception and usage of motivational maps.

An approach that leads to highly polished platforms.
For coaching, consultancy and workshops.
Getting the very best out of people.
Getting them to open up to me.

To understanding their motivators.

Their drivers and aspirations.

An invaluable rapport that speaks volumes for unity.
And ultimately building workforces that work.

"I am passionate about business and life. Unshakeable in my drive for both to be exceptional"

cassandra andrews


I can teach and train you. 
Give you the qualifications to do the job. 

To become a Licensed Practitioner.

To inject motivation into employees. Counter demotivation and energise.

For the company you work for. 

Or to build your own business. Develop your own clients.
My extensive training in Motivational Maps will set you  on the way.

I’d be happy to take you through how it works.

Give me a call.

I’ll give you the sparkle.

2018/2019 judge at the prestigious UK Employee Experience Awards in London.

A celebration of excellence in employee experience.  

Recognising businesses that put their workforce at the heart of their business.

Founder of ‘Engaging Norfolk’.

Putting Norfolk on the map.  

Giving business leaders the tools and knowledge to attract and retain great talent.