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Ten ideas for improving employee motivation!

September 24, 2017


“An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.”

- Bob Nelson -


There have been countless management gurus who have tried to define motivation.  As a business leader, I’m sure you're not concerned with theory but practically why it is important and what you can do about it. 


The impact of motivated employees on the bottom line has been clearly documented by many sources.


Ask yourself, do you know how many of your employees are using ‘work time’ to surf the internet looking for a new job?


Keeping your employees motivated is not an initiative but a shift in the culture of the business.


I have detailed below some quick tips on some of the things you could focus on to provide an environment that supports employee motivation. 

  • Build Trust – Trust is a powerful tool, employees need to trust that the Senior Management Team are doing the ‘best’ for the business and for them as employees.

  • Communicate – It is important to share the bigger picture with your teams so they understand the direction the business is moving.  Equally it is just as important to share things that may be happening that week. I recommend installing a whiteboard as a communication board in a communal area.

  • Collaborate – Ask for your employee’s opinions, after all they are at the front line of the business.

  • Define roles - Ensure each employee has a job description that defines their responsibilities and where they 'fit' within the business.

  • Meaningful work – ie the work the employee is doing is important to the success of the business and they understand how their role contributes to the success of the business.

  • Celebrate success – As a business leader it is your responsibility to recognise and reward employees and to ensure your managers are doing the same.

  • Lead by example – Be positive, motivated and passionate about your business and always do what you say you are going to.

  • Be fair - Do not set expectations and then change the rules for one of your team.  Fairness is one of the biggest emotive subjects and can result in employees becoming disengaged.

  • Pay at least market rate – Not all employees are motivated by money, but employees will be de-motivated if they feel they are underpaid.

  • Get personal – Take time to talk to your employees, find out what’s important to them and listen…

The above quick tips can support employee engagement and motivation.  However unless you know your employee’s key motivators how do you ensure they are motivated and performing to the best of their ability?


It is often assumed that all people are motivated by the same things. In fact we are motivated by a whole range of factors including; financial reward, status, praise and acknowledgment, competition, job security, public recognition or even fear.


Motivational Maps can give a snapshot of your employee’s motivation at any given point and provide a toolkit of ideas to get the best out of your employees.


If you would like to know more about motivational maps or how we could work together to engage your employees contact me at cassandra@cassandraandrews.com or 07544 386818



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