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Of the nine reasons we all go to work, only one has anything to do with money. 

Do you know what motivates each of your team?

Do you know how motivated they are currently?

Do you know how to increase their motivation?

motivational maps.

Motivational maps, developed by James Sale is inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Shein’s Career Anchors and the Enneagram.  It is not a personality test which measures fixed traits that are stable and do not change.  Instead motivational maps are a snapshot of your employees motivation at any given time.


Motivational Maps supports employee engagement and ensures you have a workforce of high performing teams, by providing you with the tools to understand your employees individual level of motivation and their key motivators so they deliver solid results to your bottom line.


Motivational maps support you in creating high performing teams by:


  • Identifying what your individual employees are motivated by

  • Identifying to what extent their key motivators are being met

  • Delivering practical reward strategies to engage and increase their motivation

The maps take approximately 12 minutes to complete online.  Mapping projects usually involve me mapping a team within a business followed by one to one sessions with everyone and feedback to the manager with simple recommendations on how to increase motivation.  However the maps are very flexible so I can develop a bespoke approach for your business and budget.

The valuable information gained from individual motivational maps can be brought together to produce team maps to build on the strengths of the whole team to ensure a high performing team.

How can motivational maps make a difference to your business?


To ensure you recruit the right people, motivational maps should be used as part of your recruitment strategy. 


The map will evidence what the candidates key motivational drivers are and along with a robust recruitment process will better determine if they are the right fit for your vacancy and business.

High Performing


If you know what motivates each of your team members you can put in place the appropriate reward strategies to improve team performance, reduce absence and employee turnover and increase employee engagement.

Conflict Management

With motivational maps you can resolve conflict between team members because you will understand their individual motivators. 

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