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your motivational map.

Are you are a business leader or owner looking to maximise motivation and performance in your employees?

To understand the full potential and accuracy of motivational maps, why not have your own motivational map assessed before committing to a larger project.


Enter your details to register your interest

Enter your details and I will contact you to answer any questions as well as send you a link to complete a map questionnaire.


Complete the questionnaire

The map questionnaire takes approximately 12 minutes to complete online.


Receive your individual report and debrief

You will receive a 14-page individual report on what drives your motivation, in addition it indicates how motivated you currently are and contains nine motivational reward strategy ideas.


In addition I offer a 30 minute telephone debriefing session to help you interpret your map and offer further ideas for reward strategies.


I can also offer a wider understanding of how your business can utilise motivational maps to ensure high performing teams by understanding possible conflict between motivators in individuals and teams, how to recruitment the best talent, how to reduce absence and turnover or how to drive your sales team.


Alternatively give me a ring for a free, no obligation chat about how you and your business can benefit from motivational maps.