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The Norfolk - Engage for Success Regional Group.



Join us for the third Engaging Norfolk event on:

6th February 2019, 8am - 10am


When we will be discussing the importance of organisational integrity.


Norfolk to be recognised as a dynamic and great place to work.

Why Engage Norfolk? 

  • Employee experience is critical to business growth and the continued success of the Norfolk economy.  

  • Focusing on Employee Experience will provide Norfolk businesses with a platform to both attract, retain and develop talent and thereby differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

How Engage Norfolk? 

  • Through free quarterly networking meetings we connect with Norfolk businesses; educating them in the power and potential of employee experience and encouraging them to take action in their business.

  • Use the four enablers of engagement (Strategic Narrative, Engaging Managers, Employee Voice and Integrity) to create a framework of activity and focus for the meetings

  • Collaborate with local businesses and encourage them to share innovation, best practice and success with the Norfolk business community.

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