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Are you engaging your people for business success and competitive advantage?

Do you really understand the influence employee engagement has on your business?

Treat  employees like  they make a difference and they will.

- Jim Goodnight - 

employee engagement.

Engaged employees show consistent levels of high performance, are emotionally committed to your business and are passionate about improving customer service and efficiency.

According to a 2012 Gallup study ‘Engagement at Work: its effect on performance in tough economic times’ concluded that employee engagement affects performance in the following performance indicators:


  • Absence

  • Turnover

  • Wastage

  • Workplace accidents

  • Quality incidents

  • Productivity


Are any of these key performance indicators high in your business?


As a business leader, you already have too much to do.  However, employee engagement is not a ‘programme’ or ‘initiative’ that will take time out of your day.  It is not about how ‘satisfied’ your employees are, it is about the emotional commitment between your employee and the business. 


For your business to grow and be profitable it is crucial that your employee's are engaged. 


I can work with you to show you some ‘quick wins’ and ensure HR excellence is supporting your commitment to employee engagement. 


Alternatively, I can support you in understanding what motivates your team through motivational maps so we can develop a strategy together.

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