Be the go-to expert for employee motivation

It’s no secret that businesses are having a massive problem recruiting and retaining people. The good news is they’ve asked YOU to help them with the solution.

What if you could also tell them:

How motivated every member of their team is, right now

Who’s a flight risk and where to focus their attention

How to motivate and manage every individual in their team

How to make sure new talent gets the best start and whether they’ve got the motivation to do the job!

At the Cassandra Andrews Academy we train people to be Licensed Practitioners of Motivational Maps. The world’s only data-driven diagnostic tool that accurately measures motivation.

In this 60 minute web class, you will discover…

Why motivation is the crucial missing piece in the people puzzle

The nine drivers of human motivation and how they work

Why motivation is different to personality profiling tools

Why this won’t be another ‘tool’ you learn and don’t use

You work with businesses to solve their ‘people problems’

You want to quickly get to the root of your client’s issues

You have a new or existing business and you want to expand your offering with a data driven tool

Hosted by Cassandra Andrews

Cassandra has spent over two decades working across the people arena.  An experienced Business Practitioner of Motivational Maps across the UK and US and Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Cassandra is regularly asked to speak at major events. She has also chaired a judging panel at the prestigious Employee Experience Awards.

“The Cassandra Andrews Academy sits at the very heart of everything that I do. Training people to do what I do.  Individuals who want to make a difference to their own coaching or consultancy business as Certified Licensed Practitioners. Or in house experts that want to continue the language of motivation in their business.”


At the end of the workshop there will be the opportunity to access your own complimentary Motivational Map and one hour feedback session. (worth £250)

The Cassandra Andrews Academy is a supportive and immersive experience.

Using personal experience of working with clients both in the UK and US the training has been designed to ensure you make a difference to every client. You will become an expert in motivation.

The four days of training at the Academy were incredible! I was filled with excitement and a bit of nervousness at the prospect of learning to become a Practitioner. However, Cassandra’s approach, very personable style and the other cohorts made the experience very fulfilling and rewarding.
Cassandra’s energy and passion for developing leaders through Motivational Maps is contagious! The detail she went into, explanations and illustrations were invaluable in supporting my growth in using Motivational Maps.


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